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“The coaching was very efficient, surpassed all my expectations. I have become a much more confident executive thanks to the adopted methods.”
Trilak, HR executive
”What is best in coaching is that I can develop my executive skills, practices and operation by adopting the best solutions for me and adapting them to my needs. No pressure, no stress, and everything works just fine!”
Office of Parliamentary Commissioners, Head of Department
”A coach is like a good friend to me who does not want to force his opinion upon me, he helps me find the way to make the right decision. As right decision do not have a reason, they have a result.”
Ségécé Kft., Leasing Manager
”You are past fifty. You are actually successful and everything seems to be fine. Yet somehow, for some reason you are not happy. As if at the “mid-life” turn of the road would suddenly make you doubtful. Does that ring a bell? Then comes Judit. She listens. She does not judge you. She asks you questions that make you wonder: “How come that never occurred to me?” You work on your own answers, own solutions then a need in you wells up for actual solutions. Then comes Judit, again, fortunately… (and she even makes you laugh at times)”
University of Pécs, Head of Department
”You always tell me only the best have coaches! Today, at the end of the course, I wholeheartedly subscribe to that!”
Trilak, Regional Sales Executive
”What I learnt from coaching is something that cannot be learnt at the university, cannot be mastered from related professional books, cannot be downloaded from the net, cannot be transplanted through heart surgery, but it is probably the single most important both at the strategic executive level, both at the operative organizational level: Self-confidence. A total of 1,200 km separates me from Judit, we work in completely different fields and have accumulated different experiences, yet the empathy and caring felt during the coaching made the distance disappear between us.”
European Commission, Group leader (online coaching)