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The COME&GROW team refuses to limit itself to any one of the hundreds of popular definitions of coaching exclusively. We believe coaching is a tool. It is a complex organizational strategy to develop the thinking patterns, personalities, abilities of clients to mobilize their resources and potentials to solve business issues, organizational challenges and personal difficulties.

Individual and group coaching is provided for business users. Group coaching (with 3 to 6 people) will also fundamentally focus on personal development, where the group serves as an important resource and support in the process. Group sessions are highly valuable tools for skills improvement and executive training as well as for working out the conflicts of people in the same level of the hierarchy.

(Coaching will be provided in Hungarian and English.)


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

Numerous studies prove that one of the main challenges faced by companies worldwide is building and developing organizational culture. A culture that leads to competitive advantage is built on a clear purpose and mission, sensible work, strength and integrity of leadership, deep loyalty and trust among employees, and clean, simple systems and processes.
Developing culture is not a task that is “nice to have” but rather key to implementing organizational strategy. This is nothing new. Realizing it, on the other hand, is by no means quick or easy. For most leaders, it is difficult to grasp or interpret what can be done on a daily basis so that organizational culture increases the commitment of employees, boosts productivity, builds trust, or even contributes to the establishment of an attractive employer reputation.

The team of COME&GROW breaks culture down to understandable elements and, with a diagnostic method built on workshops, it helps organizations define areas, methods and tools of intervention.
Our work focuses on the culture of leadership, trust, productivity, commitment, innovation, and goal actualization. Our aim is that our knowledge and tools, which have been developed over many decades, and the products of our strategic partner, FranklinCovey, all assist our clients in being able to react to the culture-creating challenges of the 21st century.

We offer many tools and methods for culture consulting. In addition to traditional organizational developmental tools, we employ modern positive psychology based on scientific research.

Leadership developmental trainings
Skills development
Organizational development
Process development

Management is a profession, and only a few could master the altered, 21st-century version with its basic practical and theoretical founding principles. Yet every executive has to face the challenges of our knowledge-based society on a constant basis.
The business coaching of COME&GROW is a cutting-edge executive development and executive assistance. A couple of years ago coaching was a development tool for the so-called ‘under-performers’. Today it serves as a supporting method for the best, and deservedly so. We are committed to accomplishing well-defined milestones as well as to tackling the customized and specific business, organizational and executive-level problems of the client. For lasting results, we will help the client to hone his skills and abilities and enable him to reach a greater degree of self-awareness, and self-knowledge.

During the business coaching processes (at the top, executive or team level) we do not hold fast to any one particular coaching method, nor rely just on “pure” coaching. The majority of management topics require more than “simple” Q&A sessions or mirroring, so we openly rely on our wide array of know-how and experience-based consultancy tools. The methods, professional backgrounds and presentation manners of our specialists may differ and cover a broad spectrum, yet none of them will balk at acute and honest feedback, provocative questions, or seemingly unpleasant situations. We do this by focusing on the client’s own potential to grow, by using lots of humor, and paying absolute respect to the client.

We believe that the organizational or the team culture is shaped by the attitude and conduct of its CEO in many ways. Organizational culture is a cutting edge leverage, so within the field of business coaching, executive coaching is particularly important.

The conscious decision-making ability and maturity of a CEO or C-level executive can be well detected by its dedication (both financial and time-wise) to enhancing the skills and personality of its own executives. At the C-level, we pay extra attention to not only strengthening highest-level executive leadership skills and competences or broaden executive methods, but to the development of self-knowledge and self-awareness as well. It is indispensable to learn a third-party opinion, and the help and feedback of a completely independent person. At this level it is rather difficult and rare to hear unbiased and honest opinions, while the conduct and performance of top executives have a strong effect on every level of the organization.
Our executive coaches often pay particular attention to and make a conscious effort to relieve the executive isolation and leave lots of room to discuss the related dilemmas. We place great emphasis on the integration of the existing management experience and knowledge with new, targeted methods, which all help in achieving greater performance both personally and professionally.

At times, your self-esteem hits an all-time low. You may feel emotionally drained. Your social life is on the backburner, stress at the workplace drains you dry. This is just a handful of conflicts that you have to face from time to time. The negative perception of turning to a psychologist for help seems to be waning. It is no longer seen as a sign of weakness. More and more people come to the understanding that sharing their feelings with a professional is a liberating experience.

Life coaching offered by COME&GROW offers the combined benefits of consulting with a psychologist and the toolkit of coaching. We believe that you can’t understand where you are at a particular moment, unless you can put a handle on past events and (re)assess messages from the people around you. Such events and messages are the mirrors of our mental patterns and ingrained habits that will show you the dilemmas that you are facing here-and-now.

We will help you to convert stress-induced energy into your support.

Our fundamental belief is that we all host creative and productive powers, though we may lose sight of them now and again.

Our specialists will walk you through the challenge of regaining your self-esteem to take ownership of your life, act responsible and gain inspiration from your inner resources.

Team coaching is perhaps the methodology that we most often deploy for organizational development, which is not unduly sought-after. The process may be triggered by organizational changes, shifting roles and functions, the appointment of a new executive, launching of a new project, the needs to tackle tension in a matrix organization, or a major loss of trust. Team coaching will allow us to build team that aim to:

  • Enhance performance and efficiency,
  • Understand change as an advantage,
  • Spread responsible, proactive, and positive thinking,
  • Explore the unique talents and competencies of the team,
  • Understand and utilize the power of diversity,
  • Build and strengthen trust,
  • Improve teamwork and cooperation,
  • Identify a shared mission and system of values,
  • Expand managerial competencies and organizational leverage,
  • Create a functioning organization through mutual accountability.

Team coaching is available for longtime coworkers, as well as newly created teams whether intact, virtual or project teams.

Nowadays skill developmental training and coaching are part of every company’s routine, providing essential support for the improvement of leadership abilities. However, they share one insufficiency: they cannot offer immediate assistance when a challenge or difficulty arises. A crucial meeting, productivity issue, or hard feedback often cannot wait until – following a classic selection procedure (which may take months) – a coaching process can start.

Coaching Line is a solution-focused telephone (or personal) coaching support available within 48 hours! Coaching – thanks to the previous acquaintance of the coaches – can be arranged in a short time, therefore it can provide immediate solutions to, for example, the announcement of a change, the resolution of a conflict, the preparation of a presentation, etc.

In business and executive coaching processes we do not stick to a sole coaching methodology, or even the application of ”pure” coaching. During sessions conducted within Coaching Line, due to the specifics of the genre, solution-focused methodology and leadership developmental counseling tools are emphasised, with which all members of our team are experienced.

How does it work?


It is a common paradigm that our wellbeing primarily depends on our external circumstances, personal abilities, or our environment. Positive psychology, however, contradicts this statement with hundreds of studies. The experience of wellbeing can be created, and we can fundamentally influence it with our conscious behavior, actions, view of life, motivations, and the quality of our human relations and presence. The capacity for wellbeing can be brought into awareness, and developed.

The view that personal wellbeing – or the lack thereof – is a private matter that does not influence the success of a business is strongly ingrained in organizations. In recent years, however, studies proving the exact opposite have been published: personal wellbeing has a major, visible and measurable positive effect on a team’s performance or even on the long-term economical results of an organization. The quality of personal wellbeing experienced at the workplace is also one of the foundations of a company that functions in a sustainable and innovative manner.

The COME&GROW team is dedicated to the application of the scientific findings from positive psychology in modern management and organizational development.

The personal wellbeing programs of COME&GROW are available in multiple forms:

Wellbeing @ work and anywhere else introductory workshop
Wellbeing @ work and anywhere else leadership workshop
Happiness lectures
Wellbeing @ work and anywhere else as a member of Generation Y and Z
Complex organizational development with the methodology of positive psychology
Thematic coaching program for burnout prevention

Those who keep track of trends in management and organizational and personality development have likely experienced the growing popularity of the “mindfulness-movement” – one could even say that it is becoming a fashion. Leading companies are initiating mindfulness programs, CEOs are speaking about their “mindfulness practice”, and influential consulting agencies are making it a substantial element of their portfolio.
The adaptation of mindfulness to Western societies increased in the eighties, yet it has only reached the business world, and the development of leadership and organizational culture, in the last decade. This is mainly due to literature popularizing its general applicability in everyday life, the radical increase of scientific research on the topic, and fascinating results that can be experienced day by day.

Mindfulness is a skill that serves as the foundation of the development of numerous abilities and competencies. It essentially means that we learn to consciously focus our attention on the present moment as much as possible.
By developing the competency of mindfulness we are enabled to change our psychological functioning, raise the level of our consciousness of the present moment, identify and change our habits, reduce stress, develop our emotional intelligence, and increase our productivity and creativity. According to scientific research the development of the skill of mindfulness can be objectively demonstrated in the change of our cerebral activity.
Ultimately, by developing the level of our mindfulness, we are facilitating and fostering the increase of our personal wellbeing.

The term “mindfulness” is most frequently defined as conscious or mindful presence, mindful attention, or awareness. The concept means the state when we are as present as possible by means of mindful, non-judgmental attention, moment by moment. Many misconceptions surround mindfulness, a notion that is more and more popular and yet hard to define. One of the most widespread of these is identifying mindfulness with meditation. Meditation is one of the formal tools for the practice of mindfulness, which is a “simple” focusing of attention, independent of religion or esoteric theories. Mindfulness is not a relaxation practice or recreational technique, nor is it a mystic, monastic state of consciousness. To practice it, you do not need to change yourself or your life.

COME&GROW’s mindfulness programs are available in numerous forms:

Mindfulness @ work and anywhere else introductory workshop
Mindfulness @ work and anywhere else 8-weeks workplace consciousness developmental program
Mindfulness-based emotional intelligence workshop
Mindfulness-based stress-reduction workshop
Mindful leadership

Inclusive organisational culture
Diversity programs of COME&GROW are specially customized for the client organization’s needs, as a diversity development program can be only made based on an in-depth knowledge of the company’s culture, mission statement and its current degree of diversity. We are convinced, based on our experience, that our clients’ longtime goal entails the realization of an inclusive organizational culture.

What is meant by an inclusive culture? We believe that an organization is inclusive if it does not only recognize and tolerate (“accepts”) differences and diversity. Instead, it seeks and appreciates the diverse nature of its employees and clients. By doing so, the organization creates its own managerial style, systems and structures by always bearing in mind this fundamental principle.

Our supportive cooperation may include the organization of trainings, and our specially trained colleagues are highly innovative in introducing complex diversity management programs. Such programs involve the diversity-centered organizational development aspects of performance management, integration, communication and marketing, aside from the various types of trainings for managers and employees.

Inclusive leadership
One of the basic tenets of today’s organizational success is an in-depth understanding of diversity and its effect on resources, products and services, and it primarily hinges on whether the executive level perceives it as a challenge and a duty to bear in mind.

An executive must be constantly aware of the difficulties arising from diversity and should be aware of ways to handle those, not just by avoiding discrimination and repeating it as a theoretical mantra, but more importantly, by harnessing the potential within the organization to reach its goals. The power of different culture, vantage point, gender, identity and background may serve as a competitive advantage for creative cooperation in the knowledge-based society of the 21st century.

Through our inclusive executive development, our team can assist the executives in achieving a greater degree of understanding of the social psychological background of diversity as well as mastering skills and competencies that enable them to guide, motivate and enhance the performance of colorful groups of people.

One of our top priorities is to turn the executives into veritable role models of diversity-based organizational culture.

Intercultural trainings
“Globalization”, “hyper-accelerated communication by innovations of modern technology, “blurring of geographical and intercultural lines” – these may all sound as mere hackneyed phrases. When it comes to globalization, it is often ignored that the process is not a self-serving change: you have to react to it by a goal-oriented and creative use of diversity through collecting and transferring information. All that in turn gives you a competitive advantage in this business climate. The employees and teams in a multinational company may not be able to automatically master the verbal and nonverbal idiosyncrasies of the multicultural climate or the organizational structure of needs and expectations.

For a higher level of productivity and a better exploitation of possibilities it may be necessary to rely on a tailor-made professional method that helps to bridge the intercultural gap.

Beyond the understanding the theoretical framework of the general social and psychological phenomena, concepts and the idiosyncrasies of the organizational and social culture, participants can gain hands-on experience and try practical tools that can be immediately applied. Our intercultural trainings can be skills-centered (communication, negotiation, etiquette, management) and country-specific, tailor-made for the organization and its needs.

Our target group covers a broad spectrum. We equally deal with C-level executives of Hungary-based multinational companies, as well as assisting staff members and executives on mission in their relocation and integration into the actual organizational culture that is our area of expertise. One of the keys to success of expats is how well their relatives can be integrated into society, which can be efficiently facilitated by coaching and training